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Solidata's unique DMP aggregates all first party data captured in real-time from your CRM, ERP, digital assets and campaigns. This unified data is then analyzed and segmented into an unlimited amount of multidimensional user profiles and target audience groups. Solidata's DMP reveals the intelligence that lies behind the data in order to then deliver effective, customized marketing strategies tailored to the interests of every audience segment to drive higher user engagement and digital revenue.


At Solidata, our revolutionary Audience Builder is what gives meaning to the data. Powered by an advanced statistical algorithm machine, the Audience Builder is a system of identity management that classifies all of the raw data aggregated in the DMP with customized parameters in order to transform that data into unlimited, multidimensional audience segments that fit your true marketing needs. Add layers upon layers of information to improve the quality of your data and gain better insights into the true identity of your audience.


Solidata pulls together data from all your digital assets and provides a unified view from a single dashboard so you can make the right decisions for your digital marketing strategy. Operating at blazing fast speed, and updating within 30 milliseconds means your audience view is always accurate and you can react in real time, before your competition does. Our advanced analytics and algorithms allow you to analyze multiple parameters from various systems for a more accurate assessment of your marketing needs.


Solidata lets you see each visitor as an individual with interests, intent, context, and habits with which you can foster a personal dialogue by delivering the right message at the right time. Solidata targets these audience segments in real time with an array of personalization tools, such as pop ups, banners coupons or rich media to, because personalization maximize the user experience and increase conversions.


Optimize ad campaigns across display, video, mobile and social channels with effective, data driven targeted advertising for every site visitor. After user identities have been defined and categorized through dynamic segmentation, publishers can then target audience segments based on content, via device (i.e. mobile, tablet or desktop advertising), location, time of day and other user contexts, together with other end-user-related attributes, such as interests, intent and demographics.


With the Solidata's Syndicate Program, you can create a private data marketplace that gives you access to a rich new source of second-party data, for additional insights not available to your competitors. Our team of experts will work with you to identity the ideal second-party data partner and we will make the match to create an official agreement that details what and how data will be shared, who can access it, the costs and duration. We retain the highest standarts of continued data protection so that in every exchange, your data and the privacy of your cusumers is a 100% secure.